• We are lucky to have a resource like Drivers Rehabilitation Center of Michigan in Southeast Michigan.

    Dr. Carol Marston-Foucher
  • The parking lot camp was very helpful in building confidence. The instructor provided strategies to utilize for each skill. My daughter aced the road test.

    Grace family
  • "On the road again" and this time, somewhat more legally. Yes kids, I successfully negotiated the Michigan Secretary of State's giant slalom including impressing the lovely lady at the Farmington SS office with my now legendary hand control driving skills (sans lollygagging) and now have in my own slightly arthritic hands my new driver's license. I thought the cute (not because of my charming photo) card would perhaps be emblazoned with Surgeon General's warnings regarding my, um, condition but it resembles my previous document except for the expiration date. Ah well. Perhaps there is coded information within those squiggly line filled boxes that will cause a law enforcement person scanning it to have his Glock unsnapped and ready to ask me to "assume the position". Thank you for your help in helping me to achieve the subject. Peace, Dave Gorden Somewhere on the highways and biways of our great country.

    David Gorden
  • Our family's experience with A&A, especially with Gayle Agar, has been amazing. Our 15 year old son has an acuity of 150/200 and needed to start segment 1 driver's training with his biopic telescope. We are 3 hours way on the other side of the state but brought him to Gayle to have his skills evaluated. I have never met anyone who had such an understanding of how a low vision person sees the world. Being so far away we were not able to enroll our son in the full segment 1 training but have been able to consult with Gayle. I believe that Gayle's compassion, understanding, experience and techniques are why our son will drive safely and with confidence. If you have low vision and want to drive or have a child with low vision that wants to drive you can gain that independence and confidence if you get training from A&A and Gayle Agar.

    Ben Shoemaker
  • Thanks to the staff at A & A Driving School, their patience and expertise, I am on the road again! It has been a trying experience to become proficient in the use of my bioptic lenses, but with their help in fine-tuning the skills I have and introducing me to new ones, I have been approved by our Secretary of State to continue driving. What a joy! Thanks again, Gayle and staff.

    Pat Butler, Farmington Hills, MI
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